Facts about Recycling

One-stop waste management

Many businesses are unaware of the extent to which they can reduce and recycle their waste. With Envirofirst’s bespoke service you can be sure that you are getting the very best solution for your business.
Envirofirst are experts in the field of waste removal and recycling. Our services are tailored around your needs and range from free professional advice to implementing complete waste management solutions. We collect and recycle waste from a variety of sources, including local councils, schools, businesses and other waste management firms. All our services comply with government standards, and they are always carried out in a reliable, efficient and friendly manner.

What’s in your waste?

General waste

Getting the right waste container for your rubbish is crucial if you want to save space, make a good impression and enjoy effortless waste management. Envirofirst have a unique and versatile range of containers available to accomplish all this and more.
  • Lockable and easy to manoeuvre containers
  • Visually appealing bins
  • Prompt, scheduled collections to suit your requirements
  • Further processing to minimise landfill
  • Local facilities to reduce fuel consumption
  • Ad Hoc collections on request
  • Full documentation to comply with all relevant legislation

Cardboard recycling
  • Collected in bins, skips, bags, cages, bales or simply loose
  • Sorted and baled for recycling at our Lancaster facilities

Paper recycling
  • Collected in bins, skips, bags and bales
  • We accept mixed papers including newspapers, magazines and office paper
  • Sorted, baled and usually recycled into new paper at a Lancaster paper mill

Mixed cans recycling
  • Collected in bins, skips and bags
  • Sorted and baled for recycling at our Lancaster facilities
  • Reprocessed in Cheshire
Mixed recyclables
  • Tailor-made solutions available to deal with mixed recyclables
  • Contact us to discuss your particular requirements

Waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Collected in bins, skips, bags, cages or simply loose
  • We accept general WEEE, fridges and fluorescent tubes
  • Stored at our Lancaster facilities then transported to a WEEE processing centre in Lancashire

Documents for confidential shredding and recycling
  • Collected in secure bags
  • Security shredded and usually recycled into new paper at our Lancaster facilities

UPVC and rigid plastic recycling
  • Collected in bins and skips, typically from other waste management companies, building firms and window manufacturers